5 years WKK

The ideas for a really official fixed crit in Hamburg came up in 2013, while some people from the St. Pauli Trackteam met regularly on empty parking lots for crit training. Of course there were alleycats, sprint races, goldsprints, but there was no „serious“ crit in Hamburg at that time.

In 2014 the contact to the organizers of the City Nord Rennradtage was made at an event on the Velodrome. The foundation stone for the first Waterkant Krit was laid.


2015 should be the year. The infrastructure and openness of the City Nord Rennradtage, which was offered to us, was/is simply priceless. We can’t say thank you often enough!

At the first WKK 40 men and 11 women competed in one race. The starting field, the atmosphere and the feedback were so great after the race that it was clear to everyone that this was only the beginning.

  1. Christin Klepsch – 8bar Rookies
  2. Johanna Jahnke – Mark It Zero
  3. Marion Dziwnik – Team Standert
  1. Stefan Reimer – Fixedpott
  2. Jojo Killisperger – Mess Pack Berlin
  3. Max Höflich – Fixedpott


By 2016 at the latest it was clear that our concept seemed to work well. The 100 spots of the men were fully booked after shortest time and the starting field of the women rose to 18. There was also the first separate women’s race, as well as a relaxed overlapped rule (20 laps all together and then the last 5 laps free for the lead group) and the First Lap Prime was introduced.

  1. Marion Dziwnik – Team Standert
  2. Johanna Jahnke – WBN
  3. Kim Kohlmeyer – FC St. Pauli Radsport
  1. Max Höflich – Fixedpott
  2. Jojo Killisperger – Mess Pack Berlin 
  3. Bram Linnartz – Team Wit


An old dream came true. The Fixed Days became part of the WKK weekend. Besides the crit there were sprints, trackgames, goldsprint, velodrome sprints and an alleycat on the other days. The 100 men spot were booked directly and there were 19 women at the start. Due to the high number of starters among the men, the classic overlapped regulation was used for the first time. In addition, the starting field became much more international and it became part of the German Fixed Crit Series.

  1. Tanja Erath – Fixedpott
  2. Karla Sommer – Team Schindelhauer Gates
  3. Sami Sauri – The Legor Enve Unicorn
  1. David van Eerd – 8bar Team
  2. Jan Lietzke – Canyon Rad Pack
  3. Jojo Killisperger – Mess Pack Berlin


After last year it was clear in 2018 that something had to be done urgently to make it possible for all riders, regardless of their level of performance, to have a beautiful and exciting race. So we asked the main organizers for another time slot to be able to offer the first B Race for the men. Also this wish was fulfilled directly. Dreamlike. Now we started with three Races! But how could the sorting of the drivers be done/dealt with now? Since we didn’t have the possibilities for a qualification race, we let the drivers do it themselves. Of course there was the danger that the B Race would be too fast because of this. But there was nothing else left for us. At the end, it all went quite well and everyone got their money’s worth. There were 62 riders in the B Men, 20 in the Women and 46 in the A Men Race.

  1. Karla Sommer – Team Schindelhauer Gates
  2. Sofie Mangertseder – Maloja Pushbikers Fem
  3. Lena Vogel – Maloja Pushbikers Fem
  1. Eike Haumann – Fixedpott
  2. Fritz Ferner – Canyon Rad Pack
  3. David van Eerd – Team Wit
  1. Robert Haaijema – Sir Pete X Treshombres
  2. Ingo Engelhardt – Canyon Rad Pack
  3. Yves Gatten – Team Catchy

Photos: Sebastian Hofer


The five year anniversary 🏁 🏁🏁

1. Karla Sommer – Team Schindelhauer Gates
2. Tamika Hingst – GRL PCK
3. Elke Oude Weernink – Spaak

1. Manuel Porzner – 8 Bar
2. Alec Briggs –  Tekkerz
3. Max Lindenau / Stevens Racing Team

1. Jan Hoffmann – Fixedpott
2. Nicklas Barklund – SFCT
3. Gary Schöning – 8 Bar Club

Full race results here: http://raceresult.com